Uganda recieves more churches into the ICCEC

Bishop Ggo
On August the 4th Bishop Francis Gogo the general secretary for Uganda and Deacon Ron Roberts from America visited the Independent church Kadama in the district of Kibuku, this was Bishop Gogo’s third visit to this church, Bishop Gogo will be receiving this church into the ICCEC in October of this year, their pastor Micheal Mukatabala will be ordain as a deacon in tthe ICCEC at the end of September. The church received the ICCEC clergy with great joy and are looking forward to being received and being members of the ICCEC in Uganda. The church sends its greetings to its brothers and sisters around the world, expressly Arch Bishop Jones in Selma Alabama and the Church of the Reconciler in Fairfield Alabama where Deacon Ron Roberts is from.

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