Bishop Hannington cares for refugees driven from the Congo

congo refugees flee to uganda

Bishop Hannington Bahemuka of the  Mountains of the Moon Diocese in Northern Uganda, has recently been in the host to refugees driven from the Congo by fighting among militias.   The ICCEC, and the local Bishop in Africa request your prayers as we work to assist Bishop Hannington.

Bishop Hannington wrote: “I am requesting for prayers.  Rebels in the DR Congo have started fighting again. Today hundreds if not thousands of people crossed over from Congo to Uganda.  We were forced by concern to open our Mount Zion I orphanage school for people fleeing from their homes to use the classrooms for the night.  Hundreds of people fleeing with children and animals are now occupying the school.  We are praying for the humanitarian Agencies like the Red Cross to come in quickly and take over this situation.”

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