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A Letter from Bishop Emmanuel Ngirumpatse,  General Secretary of Rwanda,Burundi and Southern Congo for ICCEC

Dear Brothers and Sisters;

We are very pleased to thank you so much for us the All Saints Day Development and Mercy Funds in 2012 and 2013.  Kindly, we want to send up photos of the current PROJECT TITLE: CARPENTRY & FURNITURE SUPPLY.

With the $8000 USD we have received from You last year 2012, we have been able to purchase two machines with some wooden board in value of $1000, installation and rental place costs, just on the main route or road where people can reach easily.

On March 20 to 23,2013, We have had our HOB in Kigali and have examined together the progress of our project and we can report project is a success in just a few months.

In fact this year, we are reinvesting profits of $1500.00 we have made, to buy a third machine called Wood Designer which costs $ 1500 USD. The project is still going on well.  (See picture above with Bishop Nitonde of Burundi standing next to it)

The Carpentry & Furniture Supply Project continues to purchase wooden board and other materials related to carpentry in order to supply new orders for pieces of furniture as well chairs, cupboards, doors, windows.

This we are expanding with a hulling machine project to be started in Bujumbura, Burundi.  This micro-business project is good for the growth of our Church there.

All these Projects will give the direct report to the Kigali HOB  to decide together how the incomes will build our Cathedrals and Dioceses.

We Thank You, Dear Respected Patriarch, and all the generous Christian who gave to the All Saint offering last year, and for thinking of us in Africa .We assure You the projects are making a big change.

We Love and Respect You!

Faithfully Yours in His Kingdom

Bishop Emmanuel Ngirumpatse
Doctor of Divinity
General Secretary of Rwanda, Burundi and Southern Congo for ICCEC

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