March For Life 2013 & The Walk for Life West Coast!

On January 24th and 25th, join CEC For Life for two days of pro-life activities in D.C., including our annual All Life is Sacred Rally and the March for Life!

The 2013 All Life Is Sacred Rally is quickly proving to be one of the best we’ve ever planned.  This year we welcome Ryan Bomberger as our keynote speaker!  Ryan is the Creative Director of The Radiance Foundation, an organization that knows no limits when it comes to creative talent and a love for life. In fact, in just the last few years, Ryan has become one of the most prominent creative voices in the pro-life movement.  With inspiring ad campaigns and projects like, Shine, and, this dynamic leader brings the value of family and the immeasurable worth of the preborn child ever forward.

We need that kind of momentum!  January 2013 will mark forty years of legalized abortion in America. Right now, we have an entire generation in this country that has never known a time when preborn children were protected in the womb.  What they have known, is the death of over 53 million of their preborn brothers and sisters.  They have known a government that does nothing to protect the sanctity of life, and a culture that promotes death.

It is time to end that cycle.  Forty years of abortion is far too long.  CEC For Life invites all of you, clergy and congregations alike, to join us in this crucial moment in history.  Come to the Rally.  March in DC.  Be a voice for those who have none and a public witness against the atrocity of abortion that relentlessly attempts to dominate our culture and steal away the lives of our youth.  We are always stronger when we stand together.

Here is a schedule of events for Jan 24th & 25th:


7:00 PM – All Life Is Sacred Rally w/ guest speaker Ryan Bomberger of The Radiance Foundation and Kate Bryan of Live Action.  Discovery Ballroom in the Holiday Inn Capitol, 550 C St. SW


8:30 AM – National Memorial for the Pre-Born.  DAR Constitution Hall, 1776 D Street NW

***If you are a clergyman and are planning to attend the Memorial, please relay that information to Fr. Terry as soon as possible.  The event is sponsored by the National Pro-Life Religious Council and Fr. Frank Pavone has asked for notification of any and all clergy that will be in attendance.

12:30 PM – Liturgy for the Preborn at the Time of Death.  In front of the U.S. Supreme Court, 1 First St. NE

***Directly after the Liturgy, CEC For Life and all other attendees will walk together and join the March for Life.


Though the deadline for our block of rooms at the Holiday Inn Capitol has passed, people may still be able to reserve rooms there on an individual basis.  The number for the Holiday Inn Capitol is 202-479-4000.

We can also suggest some hotels that are very nearby. The Residence Inn, for example, is just around the corner from the Holiday Inn Capitol.  The number for that hotel is 202-484-8280.

In the past, some of our people have also stayed at the L’Enfant Plaza Hotel, which is also just a few streets away.  The number for L’Enfant is 866.920.7763.

We encourage you to make reservations as soon as possible.  The presidential inauguration will be taking place just days before, which has caused hotels to fill up fast.


Then make plans to attend the Walk for Life in San Francisco!

On Saturday, January 26th, head to the 2013 Walk for Life in San Francisco!  Jessica Kessler of CEC For Life West is organizing activism and fellowship for the event.

On Friday, Jan. 25th, CEC For Life West will participate in pro-life outreach and an evening barbeque, with the Walk for Life following the next day!

This is an excellent opportunity for all West Coasters to join together in a unified stand for LIFE!  So don’t miss it!

For questions and further details, please contact Jessica at

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