Update on Development Project in Uganda


UGANDA, AFRICA – Bishop Yusto of Uganda who is supervising the Uganda, Sudan and Northern Congo development project sent this recent update.

“We purchased a total of 6 Sewing machines and one Master/Multipurpose Machine. We make School Uniforms, including Sweaters; Clergy Vestments, casual clothes and we run a program of training tailors and knitters. This is a project that gives benefit to the church in Uganda, South Sudan and North Congo. The Project is implemented by the Orphans Rescue Ministries limited, under the Diocese Of Kihiihi.

Photos from Top left, to bottom right:
1) I am standing with Tailors and Knitters of ORM Limited, behind a Master Finishing Machine. The machine is fitted with a motor and devices for designing.
2) A line of 3 electrical sewing machines. All new. One machine is being run as shown in the photo.
3) One knitting machine. The knitter is making a sweater for school uniform.
4) Two tailors in active sewing. One on the Master Machine and the other on a manual sewing machine.

Thank everyone who donated money to the All Saint Offering, we building our church every day with your help. Thank you.

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