Northeast Diocese Holds Clergy Conference


The Diocese of the Northeast held the fall clergy conference October 29 and 30 in the beautiful New England City of Portland, Maine. The conference was for clergy and seminarians and their wives. About 75 people attended the conference held in a Holiday Inn conference room that was converted into a sacred space for the two days.

Archbishop Craig Bates, who is the Bishop Ordinary of the diocese as well as the Patriarch, led the retreat, which began each day with a celebration of the Holy Eucharist. Archbishop Bates spoke about the formation of the Charismatic Episcopal Church and the vision we have been given by a revelation of the Holy Spirit.

The proceedings of the recent House of Bishops meeting was presented, which included a detailed discussion of the strategic plan for North America, and the building of an infrastructure to support growth. The Patriarch led a discussion about church growth and practical things that can be done to create an environment for growth.

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